When To Use Soft And Hard Mouse Pads

People working in computers the whole day will know the effective use of mouse and mouse pad. Initially, the mouse came as wired piece along with the computer and it had to be kept near the computer as it is wired. When a mouse had to be moved over the window screen, it had to be moved on the mouse pad.

There are two different types of mouse pads; Soft mouse pads and hard mouse pads. Though it may sound as not a very big difference in having a soft and hard mouse pad, actually there is a very big difference in using it.

Soft Mouse Pad: This type of mouse pad is usually made of foam and has a fabric cover. The roll kind of mouse usually needs a smooth surface to function efficiently. Though the roller ball mouse can be moved on any smooth surface, the soft mouse pad has a cushioning surface which is very much suitable to for a human hand to work on it. Apart from the roller ball mouse, the optical mouse can also be used on a soft mouse pad.

Hard Mouse Pad: As the name implies, the hard mouse pad is not soft as the previous one. The hard mouse pad has rubber material beneath the plastic surface. Similar to the roller ball mouse and optical mouse, laser mouse is also a type of mouse that is used along with the PC. The Laser mouse works well only in a hard mouse pad. Usually, people who like to play on PC prefers hard gaming mouse pad. As playing games require fast and perfect movements, the hard mouse pad is the one that is preferred. This is also best suitable for people who work with photo editing and similar graphic designing as it involves rapid movements.


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